Terms of Use

Terms of Use

eTouchSite: Is a foundation specializing in the field of marketing and Web business.

Client: A person who gets one or more service.


- When you register to eTouchSite, your site and e-mail information will be strictly confidential. We do not allow anyone to inform them, Except due to your order, according to official regulations.

- In eTouchSite, we do not sell your personal information to any person or authority whatsoever, including e-mail. E-mail is used to send our offerings, our services and our official correspondence to you, and you can prevent it at any time.

- In eTouchSite, we use a secure entry system in the process of entry and exit of your account, to provide the greatest possible safety and confidentiality.


Terms and duties:

1- eTouchSite provides technical support and maintenance for the server only and is not committed to the maintenance or support materials or software on the client's website, but in the event that the client requests us to do so.

2- eTouchSite is committed to make internal and external backup copy on a private server disks. But still “maintaining of the data” is the responsibility of the client first and foremost.

3- In case the end of the subscription hosting account for the client.. eTouchSite provides a backup copy of your website. You can request a copy (free of charge) within a period not exceeding two months from the date of the end of the hosting.

4- eTouchSite is committed to the protection of domain names hosted by. eTouchSite also committed to renewing domain by the client's request after the payment of the prescribed fees, but if the client did not ask for renewal of domain, eTouchSite is not responsible for any domain loss or expiry, the customer can also request “private Cpanel” for its own domain.

5- eTouchSite is committed to the conservation and protection of hosted domains. And when you move to another host, eTouchSite is not responsible if there is loss of domain or password. Client has no right to demande it.

6- Customer is entitled to claim to cancel the request and get the refund only if not execution of the request, and the customer assumes all financial charges arising from the transfer, which the bank calculates, in case the execution of the request, the client is not entitled to claim to cancel the request or refund.

7- eTouchSite has the right to cancel the contract with the client and stop the service at any time with clarifying the reasons for this, and eTouchSite is committed to give the client a backup copy of his website.

8- In case the client does not pay the invoice value, eTouchSite has the right to stop the service.

9- If the client causes overload or depletion of server resources, or appears any illegal use, eTouchSite is entitled to take the necessary measures so, with telling the client the reason to do so.

10- When receiving a tip from the data center about unlicensed forum or unauthorized scenario or non-licensed product, the site will be suspended until the customer correct his legal status.

11- eTouchSite has the right to stop all the hosted sites at any time for maintenance or renewal of servers. This is to keep providing the best service to customers.

12- It is prohibited to the client to request our services to create the following websites: Sites offensive to the Islamic religion or other religions - Songs sites - pornographic sites - sites to sell legally prohibited products - Hacking sites.

13- eTouchSite prohibits the use of hosting to send advertising messages and bulletins mailing (SPAM). Or programs that consume server resources. Using of these programs may lead to shut down your website, and it won’t be re-opened again until a formal agreement and conditions to be agreed upon.

14- Any attempt to infiltrate eTouchSite servers, or attempt to penetrate customer sites through the client's site could lead to permanently delete the site from the server. If we find an active malicious files on the site, we will delete it from the site and notify the client about that. If it is happens, it will be stop the site from the server and take action.

15- (electronic touch) prevents the abuse of one of its employees, it is our right to take legal action against those who do so.

16- When applying for renting a server and then transfer the fees, the request is executed in a period ranging from 24 to 72 hours, according to the agreement with the data center.

17- The responsibility of server protection will be transmitted to him as soon as he receives “server information”, and if there is penetration of the site or the forum, the customer can create a ticket requesting retrieve a backup copy from the "servers support" in case the client already subscribed to this service.

18- Our technical support is only through tickets in the section dedicated to that purpose, and we don’t take responsibility for any correspondence outside the ticketing area.

19- eTouchSite is committed to maintaining all customer and server information, but we are not responsible in the event of negligence of the client information or stolen by penetrating his PC or e-mail, or due to negligence.

20- In the case of changing our prices this change does not include any previous agreements.

21- Renewal fees must be paid before the end of the subscription period of 7 days, and when the client's desire to cancel the contract, he must submit a ticket for cancellation before the Expiry Date to 7 days.

In case of non-renewal before the Expiry 7 days, eTouchSite permanently cancel the server. Client is not entitled to claim any rights.

22- Data Center may sign fines on the client because of his violation of the policies, but we will do our best to cancel it. If we can not cancel.. the client must pay it.

23- In case the client's request for an external backup service "plans are available with servers", We create an external backup copies monthly or weekly.

24- eTouchSite offers a large number of services such as design, programming and other support services, and customer is entitled to request a special agreement to guarantees his rights.

25- The client does not have the right to stop the service request or a product after he starts using it, and is committed to full compliance pay the accrued expenses.

* eTouchSite has the right to change any provision in this Agreement and to add new items at any time, and the client must constantly follow-up to this agreement, even if the client did not reach any alert to change.

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